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Stadium DJ Live - The new version of Stadium DJ is ready to download. Click here to be taken to the download section. There have not been any major changes in the program except for the interface and new Song Logging option which will save every song you play to a log file so that you can keep track of songs used during game operations. The song logging option can be turned on or off while in use.

The button mode has been updated so that your folders will be listed as buttons on the bottom of the screen to make it easier to browse through your categories. I have also added a new themes option so that you can customize you interface however you want. Click here to preview or download available themes.

Thank you for visiting StadiumDJ.com, the leader in Sound Playback software for Sporting Event DJ's, Radio Announcers, Broadcasters, Mobile DJ's.

Stadium DJ 2005 Update (1/14/2005)...
Make sure that you have the most recent patch installed. Right-Click on the file below and save it into your Stadium DJ 2005 Installation Directory. Note: You must have already installed the demo to install the patch file.

Stadium DJ 2005.exe (Build 5.1.38)

If you need to reinstall Stadium DJ, make sure you run the installation file below first before downloading the update. This will install all of the necessary components for Stadium DJ 2005.
Click here to download the Stadium DJ 2005 Installation Files

Windows Vista Installation...
Click here for instructions on how to install Stadium DJ on Windows Vista

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